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Mark's Heinkel HE111 model diorama

Marks says:

"As everyone knows, I am one of the few re-enactors in the country that re-enacts as a Luftwaffe bomber pilot.  One of the main drawbacks is that whereas other re-enactors can often interact with original period or replica vehicles at some events (e.g. tanks, half tracks, trucks, etc.), there are are hardly any places with a Heinkel HE111 or perhaps even a Stuka for me to pose with.

"I have often admired the skill with which some enthusiasts replicate life-sized (or near) copies of vehicles and aircraft.  Some have made very good copies of life-sized Spitfires for example.  Unfortunately, I'd need a substantial lottery win to afford to pay someone to build a replica Heinkel or Stuka for me.

"So....I have to make do with a model."

"The Heinkel model itself was a christmas present to myself, and came ready built (yes - I cheated!).  This 1/48 scale diecast model of the Luftwaffe's most highly regarded twin-engine bomber features engraved panel lines, hand painted cockpit details with the original's complex glazing, belly-mounted machine guns, intricate landing gear with real rubber tyres, and rotating propellers.  Its markings are those of 2./KG 27 from the 1939 invasion of Poland.  Made by Franklin Mint, it has a wingspan of 17 inches.

"The figures are from the Verlinden range of Luftwaffe pilots, and were put together and painted for me by that dab-hand with a paint brush, Phil Allen, to whom I am very grateful."