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We are a diverse section of the Northern Forties Re-enactment Group, and consist of a group of friends who have an interest in re-enacting various aspects of civilian life during WWII. 

Unlike our military counterparts in the group, we don't have extensive collections to display - what you see is what you get.  We have a passion for 1940s fashion, and like to attend events where we can walk around (or promenade) in our 1940s period civilian clothing.  

However, we would also welcome any new members who might have collections to show off, whether it is a complete 1940s picnic set, a collection of shoes, handbags or other accessories, or even household items. We are open to ideas and would love to meet anyone who thinks they might have something to offer our group.

NEW FOR 2012: we will be offering event organisers an interactive fashion parade where we can walk a catwalk and describe what it is we are wearing.  (Well, there HAS to be something for the ladies when all their gentlemen companions are going ga-ga over the big boys' toys everywhere else at our events!)

If you would like to join us, contact either Martin Littlejohn on 07904 236 247    Email: m.littlejohn1@gmail.com