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Martin & Lesley Littlejohn


Lives in: Northamptonshire
Re-enacting WWII since:

Martin Re-enacts as: Civilian, Doctor and Fleet Air Arm Officer

Lesley Re-enacts as: Civilian Wife

Martin's Profession: Engineer

Lesley's Profession: P.A.

Martin says: "We have always had classic cars as weekend transport and we were looking for new events and attended our first event at Ramsey in 2007.

"I have always had a interest in Aviation, my first job was with Brooklands Aviation, and therefore any old Airfield is always worth a visit.

"When we arrived at Ramsey we were overwhelmed with the music, the fashions, the dancing and the friendly people, in fact the whole 1940's scene. Lesley adored the forties dresses on display and we found everyone helpful with the questions we asked. We were hooked!  We purchased our first reenacting clothing and returned the next day in period clothing, and were pleasantly surprised by the reaction we received.

"We both like the quality and attention to detail of 1940's clothing and have purchased more outfits and accessories since.  Most weekend's are now busy with various 1940's events, we have made many friends and look forward to meeting them at the next event.

"Recently we have changed the classic car to a period Citroen Traction Avant and have driven to several events with the car with an Art Deco picnic set in the boot.

"We looked for a group to join and most were specialising in one particular field or another, we had seen several varied displays by Northern Forties members and after a brief chat the members form was completed. The group is so diverse that every re-enactor is catered for.  The help we have had via the forum and chatting to members has made us feel very much at home."