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Alan & Joy Lewis


Live in: Staffordshire

Re-enacting WWII since: 2003

Alan Re-enacts as: Royal Navy Petty Officer and Royal Marines Lt/Colonel

Profession: Retired

Joy Re-enacts as: WRNS Petty Officer or Second Officer

Profession: Self-employed gardener


Alan and Joy say: "We have been re-enacting since 2003, as the direct result of a 1940s event at Boscobel House where Alan used to work. We decided on the Royal Navy partly because we found it to be the easiest uniform to re-create. First attempts were not good, but with research we began to get it right. When attending events it soon became very obvious that the Royal Navy was not well represented and the Royal Marines not at all. So we felt that we should in our own small way do our best to represent the men and women who served with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and WRNS.

Boscobel House is where King Charles II hid in an oak tree which the King dubbed 'Royal' and subsequently gave its name to hundreds of pubs called the Royal Oak and seven ships of the Royal Navy. A research project for Boscobel House on the history of HMS Royal Oak has led to a great interest in the last ship so named which was sunk by enemy action in 1939 and material is available for events.

We also have display material on various aspects of the Royal Navy including the amazing work done by Wrens and the brave men of Staffordshire who won the Victoria Cross and George Cross."