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Eric & Miriam Umpleby


Live in: North Yorkshire

Re-enacting WWII since: 2001

Eric re-enacts as: RAOC Major, RAOC Staff Sergeant, Civilian

Miriam re-enacts as: dutiful civilian wife!

Professions: Retired Domestic Electrical & Refrigeration Engineer (Eric); Retired Textile Testing Laboratory Technician (Miriam)

Eric and Miriam say: "We started re-enacting, as many have before, by visiting Pickering to see what went on there. This is an event where you feel 'out of place' if not in 40s gear. We were hooked. this was in 2001.  Since then we have visited many different 40s events particularly if steam trains are involved.

Eric re-enacts as RAOC because this is the Corps he was in during army service so it was for him the most natural military group to portray.

We enjoy meeting, chatting and sharing with other re-enactors and visitors to events and particularly enjoy getting involved with Sunday Service / Parades and have had opportunity to play the accordian or keyboard at some of the events.

The Northern Forties Group seems to be right for us to be part of as it is 'not too intense and demanding' as some are