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Bob French


Lives in: Colne, Lancashire

Re-enacting WWII since: 2003

Re-enacts as: French Resistance, Russian infantry, British Airborne

Profession: Not stated

Bob says: "Our family has the surname 'French' and this had always intrigued me.  Digging into my family's history, I discovered that one of my recent ancestors was French, which is where the surname comes from, although he was actually a Basque from Pays Basque in Southern France.

"It was my wife, Alison's, interest in the French experience which led me to evaluate what I was re-enacting as. I had originally started as German forces with some British and Russian on occasions, but now virtually exclusively do various aspects of France, this also includes looking at the Legion Volunteers France that fought for the Germans on the Russian front as well as the Free French. 

"Recently having completed the Gendarmes uniform as seen in internal occupied France, we are hoping to extend this with a greater display about the Sapeur Pompiers as well.

"Honneur et Patrie, Vive la France!"


MY PROUDEST MOMENTS: "The displays we provided in Liverpool during 2009 were very poignant - particularly honouring veterans who came to Liverpool's St George's Hall in November 2009.  However, my proudest moments are when we meet actual veterans of the French Resistance and their descendants who still show a unique proudness for the valour shown in the face of Nazi supremacy that ruled over France during the war."



AN INTERESTING MOMENT OF FAME?: "In December 2008, some Northern Forties members travelled down to Templeton House in London to take part in filming for a Channel 5 programme about Prince Edward and Mrs. Wallace Simpson 'Revealed: Britain's Nazi King'. Our task, so we thought, was to be extras in the background of various parties and functions being filmed. However, at the start of the shoot I was approached about playing Oswald Mosley and I think you’ll agree I look rather fetching in the all enveloping black uniform. The uniform fitted rather well and getting to play a known character from history was interesting.

"A charming but ruthless figure, Mosley and his blackshirts (British Union of Fascist’s) were a feature of 1930's politics’, to rival Mussolini, Hitler and Franco.  Although I find his views an anathema, it was a great opportunity to be offered to play him - but I returned home to face the wrath of my wife who considers Mosley to be one of the most despicable characters in British political history and the British symbol of Nazism and everything that was so evil about it."