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Maggie Case


Lives in: Eccles, Greater Manchester

Re-enacting WWII since April 2006

Re-enacts as: Provost MP (red Cap)

Profession: Retired publican

I got involved in WWII re-enactment because my partner Wayne took an interest.  I just tagged along and started to enjoy it - the rest is history. 

I chose to do Provost MP because I like the uniform.  I'm starting to learn more about it.  Most people think women weren't Red Caps in the war - but they did.


Favourite Period Item:

I collect teddy bears.  My most treasured are my Steiff bears that Wayne bought me.


Favourite Re-enacting Moment so far:

Taking our 3 year old grandson to his first event this year at Churnet Valley.  We dressed him one day as a soldier, and the next as an evacuee once we had quickly got some proper evacuee clothes for him to wear.  He loved it - and so did we.  As an added bonus, Churnet Valley is a steam railway event, and  he loves trains. . 


Advice to anyone thinking of getting involved in re-enactment:

I would say: just come along to one of the events we go to - meet us or other re-enactors and ask questions.  It can be an expensive hobby if you don't ask others for advice first ...don't rush out and buy loads of stuff.  Re-enactors are very inventive people - and cost conscious too.  They've all learned from their mistakes and those of others, so let them tell you where the best and cheapest places to buy things are so that you won't waste your money.  Borrow stuff at first if you have to - then don't buy everything all at once.  Above all, enjoy yourself.