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Laura White

Current address: Wallasey, Wirral

Re-enacting since: June 2003

Re-enacts as: Womens Land Army

Profession: Trainee Nursery Nurse

My Dad (Mark) said I could come re-enacting one day back in 2003. I have been coming to events since then.  I like travelling to other parts of the country where we do our events, as long as the journey is not too long.

For years I re-enacted as a 1940s schoolgirl.  I used to like the dresses they wore many years ago - but when the weather was cold and wet I found this distressingly uncomfortable.  Often I took part in the 1940s fashion show that we did.  However, since 2012 I have been doing Women's Land Army and I have a collection of animals including a pig, a chicken, chicks, a lamb, a guinea pig and a mouse which small children love looking at.

At events, we stay in tents and often have to cook our own food.  I like the food we eat when camping - stir frys with quorn are my favourite!

I like the fact that other families bring their children to our events.  In the evenings, when the public have gone home, we play in the fields with other friends. 

We have also done some filming for television and films.  Dad has been on lots of films and television documentaries.  I got to go with him in 2010 when we worked for the BBC on a film called "Eric and Ernie" about the famous comedians Morecambe and Wise.  I was one of the evacuees in the bomb shelter in London, and we got to perform with the famous comedienne/actress Victoria Wood.  In 2014 I was in a number of films: I play a French Resistance girl in the film "Allies" where I did a scene with Julian Ovenden from "Downton Abbey", and Edmund Kingsley who is the son of famous actor Ben Kingsley; I was also in the film "Marvellous" starring Toby Jones; and in the TV documentary "Nazi Death Camp: the Great Escape" I played one of the prisoners in the infamous Sobibor Concentration Camp.

For a teenager I have so many things to do.  I did like history at school when I was younger, but now I'm studying childcare.

I love horses and go riding whenever I'm not re-enacting. 

Below, you can see some pictures of me at events.  Below that, you can see me riding my favourite horse Rusty who I used to ride when I went to Barnston Riding Centre.