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Mark Anthony Craig


Current address: Merseyside

Re-enacting since: April 2002

Re-enacts as: German Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot, 1940s Civilian

I have been a collector of militaria since 1990, but only got involved in re-enactment when I went on the internet in 2001.  I found my first group at the end of that year and started my first event at Eden Camp in Yorkshire in April 2002.  As I drove there, I wondered what I was letting myself in for.  However, I got to meet so many people from other groups at Eden Camp who were all pleased to see a newcomer, and right away I felt part of the gang.  What you soon discover is that the re-enacting community is like an extended family, with everyone else all sharing your same main interest.

When I got home after the four days - with aching muscles from standing for so long with a rifle over my shoulder - my family and friends could see that I had had the time of my life. I couldn't wait for the next event to come along! Today, I hate having to pack up at the end of each event: its a shame to only be able to do it for a couple of days and go back to normal life and work. Roll on summer, when you can go virtually every weekend if you want to!!



I usually get asked by event organisers to re-enact as German.  Some people may find this strange, but there were TWO sides to war. I find it really annoying that some people prefer to call the uniform a Nazi uniform - as the standard infantry uniform was nothing political.  We use the uniforms and equipment to show people at the events we attend what they looked like and what the equipment was for.  We always get a lot of interest from people, and visitors often thank us for helping them to learn something.

My other main interest is RAF, since both my uncle and father were in the Royal Air Force, and I grew up on airbases both in this country and Europe during the 1960's and 1970's.

Since 2005 I have also appeared at shows in my Luftwaffe bomber pilot's gear.   I am one of the few re-enactors in the UK to regularly wear such an outfit, and one of the few people in the world who owns TWO original Luftwaffe pilot's lifejackets used by bomber crews.  I have two sets of everything now - it is all authentic and has so far cost over 8000 to assemble. There is still much more I want to own: finding it is the main difficulty, and then having the money to pay for it is another matter entirely.  A lottery win would very useful right at the moment!

We often place our Luftwaffe equipment side-by-side with that of our group's RAF team so that visitors can see and compare the two.


FAVOURITE MOMENT: There have been so many; every event is especially memorable. However, I like getting work on films and television the most - I enjoy being infront of the camera. My favourite was the film "A Far Cry".

If you have broadband, you can now watch A Far Cry here:


In 2011, I appeared in 9 different scenes of BBC2's "Eric and Ernie" about the early careers of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.  My son Ashley and my daughter Shannon also appeared in this film, and we worked with comedienne/actress Victoria Wood in a number of scenes.  I spent most of my time with Bryan Dick (Ernie) and Daniel Rigby (Eric), and we had quite a giggle in make-up together, and between scenes.

I have also appeared in a number of documentaries on The History Channel over the years, including episode 3 of 'The Map Makers' in which I played the real life hero of the French Resistance, Rene Duchez, who stole the Atlantic Wall defence plans from the Germans in advance of the D-Day landings. You would also have seen me in Channel Five's documentary 'Revealed: Britain's Nazi King' (screened May 2009 and repeated several times since) in which I played a banker at some parties attended by King George and Mrs Simpson. 

More recently, in September 2013, I have been working on a new war film "Allies" starring Julian Ovenden (Downton Abbey), Chris Reilly, Edmund Kingsley and Mat Willis.  It will be released sometime in 2014.

I am very proud of Northern Forties Re-enactment Group.  I think we are unique in that we offer such a varied number of displays and collections, and that so many people have learned something by seeing us and what we have to share.  Museums - where interaction is limited - cannot teach you everything.  Books give a very limited though boring answer, and the internet can sometimes give a false answer.  But re-enactors can answer almost any question they are asked. 


Me, as I first appeared in the short film "A Far Cry" (2006)


Larking about between takes with Daniel Rigby and Bryan Dick on the set of "Eric and Ernie" (2010).  The photo was taken on my camera by actress Emer Kenny who appeared as Eric's wife in the film, but you will know her better as Shirley's niece ZaZa in "Eastenders"


My daughter, Shannon, took this - my favourite ever picture of me - at Ramsey in 2008.


I got to play with Doctor Who's TARDIS at one event!