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Kampfgeschwader 55:  About Our Sub-Group

If you have such an interest in history that you take up the hobby of re-enactment, there are all kinds of groups which do many different things.  Within World War II you will often find various British, American or German army units.  Some do Home Guard.  You will even find groups who re-enact as Royal Navy or RAF personnel.  And many different civilians ...... whether just housewives, Spivs, Land Army girls, firemen, or ARP wardens. 

But within Britain there are very few re-enactors who portray Luftwaffe pilots.  With a formidable track record proven in Germany's involvement in the Spanish Civil War in 1937, the Luftwaffe's ability to attack enemy targets with rapidly delivered firepower was further demonstrated in the swift invasion of Poland, Denmark, Norway and the Low Countries.  Luftwaffe aircraft pounded Germany's neighbours with such intense ferocity that vital defences were knocked out, making it easier for land invasions to take place.

Such was the plan for Britain, but the Luftwaffe met formidable resistance from the Royal Air Force.  The summer of 1940 's Battle of Britain has become a famous chapter in WWII history, as the might of the German onslaught was held back by superior pilot training and discipline, faster and more maneuverable aircraft, and a whole lot of sheer luck!  By 1941, waves of Luftwaffe Heinkel and Dornier bombers were flooding the skies of Britain, raining down death and destruction on both military, economic and - unfortunately - civilian targets. 

Kampfgeschwader 55 was one of those Luftwaffe units, involved in all the major conflicts from the invasion of Poland onwards.  Its pilots were amongst those involved in raids on British cities including London, Coventry, Sheffield, and as far as Liverpool.

Later in the war, on the Eastern Front, KG55 even had its own fleet of Bf109 fighters for both attack and defence purposes.  Therefore, re-enactors within our group can be either bomber crew OR fighter pilots OR ground crew.

Our group's aim is to give an insight into what those Luftwaffe pilots were like: how they dressed, what equipment they had, how they behaved whilst waiting for the call to action ....and how they reacted once shot down and arrested on British soil.

We put our clothing and equipment on static displays for members of the public to see, and we provide "downed pilots" for other re-enactors to capture and interrogate. 

We don't condone any of the death or destruction caused by German bomber crews, nor do we share any of the political views of the Nazi regime that controlled them.  We are simply historical militaria collectors who are willing to show our collections to the public at organised themed events and museums.  We have worked with veterans in the UK to make sure that nothing we do is in any way offensive - we are historian collectors who are showing people what the uniforms and technology of the times were like - providing an ideal like-for-like comparison with our RAF sub-group.

If you are a serious collector, have Luftwaffe gear like us and want to join in this fun, educational and very sociable hobby, please contact us.