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Why French Resistance?

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Why French Resistance?

Alison French, Group Leader, says:

"I have always been interested in history and particularly the Second World War - perhaps because members of my family were involved. Some British people I have met seem to have a real downer on the French and a limited, ill informed and prejudiced view of their role in the Second World War. This offended my sense of Britishness particularly as the French were our allies.

"Down to my British sense of fair play I decided to investigate further the role of the French in the Second World War and re-enact them to educate my countrymen and women.

"I started off with a limited vision concentrating on the Free French and Colonial Forces.  I found the experience so compelling and fascinating that, as I have proceeded, my reading has expanded to include Vichy France, other Free French Forces, the French interior resistance groups and resistance to the Nazis in other countries, including Germany.  I try to understand the complexities of this period of history and the effect it had on men and women of that time."