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PLEASE NOTE: Our diary for 2018 is now pretty full.  We are now taking bookings for 2019.  Please be advised that if your event is "for charity" we can only ask our local members to attend if they are available.  Also, we can no longer supply displays for events which are for ONE DAY only unless we have members living very close to your location.  

Although not the largest of groups on the re-enactment circuit, Northern Forties has built its reputation on its varied offer of displays.  Whereas most other groups do just one or two things, we have a range of Allied and Axis displays that we can offer.  Our speciality is showing our collections of militaria off to the public, and talking to them when they ask questions about we have.

As re-enactors, we get invited to many events each year, often up to 6 or 8 EACH WEEKEND of the season. Our members are free to pick and choose which events they want to attend based on distance from their homes or what the event organisers can offer. 

Please be advised that we cannot agree to attend every event for nothing, even for charities.  Re-enactment is an expensive hobby.  We are not millionaires but ordinary working and retired people.  Petrol is expensive and we cannot agree to attend every event at our own expense.

Therefore, we will give preference to event organisers willing to pay towards our attendance costs.  Our fees start at £300 and will be based on who you want from our displayers and if they are available on your chosen date(s).

In addition, as most of our diary for the year is set and agreed as early as November of the previous year, you are strongly advised to make your booking enquiry before the end of December of the year BEFORE your event.  If you leave it till 4 weeks before your event, it is highly probable we will not be able to agree to supply anything other than a few members to walk around your venue.

If you want to talk to us about what we can do for your event, please contact Mark Anthony Craig on 0774 607 3914 or email



Our American team has a Dodge Ambulance and Dodge Weapons Carrier, as well as an extensive display of an American field hospital.  



We now have a team of Luftwaffe fighter pilots to complement our existing Luftwaffe bomber crew display.  Our fighter pilots have a rare and expanding collection of Luftwaffe equipment which visitors to our events like to see in order to compare it with that of the RAF.  



From August 2013 we also have a new team of Russian re-enactors who show the uniforms and equipment of WW2 Soviet forces.


53rd Fighter Squadron Operations

A new sub-group who portray American pilots of the 53rd Fighter Squadron Operations ("The Fighter Bomber Boys") who, amongst other things, escorted B17 Flying Fortresses across the Channel.


Homeguard and Volksturm

We now also have a display which shows what the British and Germans had as their last line of defence, the home guard forces.  The team possesses a collection of both British Homeguard forces and their German equivalent, the Volksturm - including one of the largest collections of original (deactivated) wartime weapons we have seen. *Please note, this display is only available in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgshire


German Nurses

Another new sub-group portraying German nurses with a collection of medical equipment used during WWII.



The group works with Iconic WW2 Aircraft, a separate group, who have a full scale Spitfire and Me109 available for display.  For all aircraft bookings, please ring Steve Heappey on 0781 369 4143 or email



We are one of the few groups who do a static camp display of Luftwaffe bomber pilots.  This display includes some very rare equipment which is usually only seen under glass in museums.  Our pilots can either sit with their display, or can be arrested and escorted past your event visitors.   We can supply military personnel to escort our downed pilots through your event, or you can ask other Allied re-enactors (even civilians with pitch-forks!) to do the deed. 



Wayne Stokes has a collection of weapons and equipment used by British troops.  He also displays his father's collection of medals awarded to him after the war following his involvement in several key campaigns.  Wayne's father was a Sherwood Forester.



We have a sub-group set up to portray French Resistance.  Our members do FFI (Forces Français à l'Intérieur), FFE (Forces Français à l'Extérieur) and Vichy (yes even some Vichy resisted in their own way!).  Bob French owns a post-war Mowag vehicle, which is very close to the kind of radio receiving vehicles used by the Germans and French police to trace Resistance members calling or receiving messages from England.

You can find out more on our French Resistance Group's own pages.



Our civilian section's primary display is that of a 1940s style picnic.  You can see our ladies and gentlemen sporting the fashions of the time as they enjoy tea and fondant fancies.  The team also have a couple of period caravans which they tow behind their period cars.



Carol Davis leads a popular small display which celebrates and remembers the role of the Womens' Land Army. The display now features classic wartime recipes, and the art of making "rag rugs", whilst some of the team portray the infamous "Rat Catchers".  Find out more about Angels in the Fields.



Alan and Joy Lewis have a popular collection of display material relating to the Royal Navy during WWII, including HMS Royal Oak, the brave men of Staffordshire who won the Victoria Cross and George Cross and the amazing work done by the WRNS.
Did you know that during WWII, towns and cities all over the country sponsored warships, making collections to pay for ships to be built and equipped?



Eric Umpleby is able to take Remembrance Services or Remembrance times at your event.



We have a "Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain" who can also double for Winston Churchill.



Some of our members own classic motors including this splendid classic 1937 Ford 8 7Y which can be brought to some events.  Do you have a VIP who needs to be transported?  Is Winston Churchill visiting your event and does he need to show up in style?  Or are you a film or television company who needs an extra vehicle in some establishing shots?  Meanwhile, the 101st Airborne unit have a jeep, in which to take away their arrested suspects.



Miriam Umpleby not only brings an old traditional accordion to some shows, she is also very good at playing it.  If you have an event where you would like some authentic music, Miriam would be only too happy to oblige.