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The world of WW2 re-enactment is one of having fun, learning new things, and being part of a family of other people who have the same interests as yourself.

This is a hobby which brings together people of all ages, young and old alike, all with a combined ambition to share their knowledge, collections and experiences.  We all like to think that the visitors who come to events we attend learn something of value, and we know that so many visitors appreciate the efforts re-enactors go to, and the hard work put into collecting and displaying our collections.

Sadly, we sometimes lose some of our much loved friends.  We thought it would be fitting to commemorate the friendship of those former members of our group who are no longer with us, but will always be in our thoughts.

Rest in Peace, our dear friends.


Keith Wardle
(passed away in 2008)
  Paul George
(passed away in 2014)
  Ken Brookes
(passed away in 2014)
  Chris Wildey
(passed away in 2015)
Phil Allen
(passed away in 2016)
  John Plant
(passed away in 2017)
  John Poole
(passed away in 2017)
  Alison French
(passed away in 2018)