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With the re-enactment season now two thirds of the way through the year, membership for the group is now closed.  If you want to contact us regarding membership (applications will open again in late January 2017), please keep reading and send us an email to confirm your interest. 



Since Northern Forties reached over 100 members, we are now limiting who can join us.

Although our group initially accepted members who only wanted to walk about at events, we are now only recruiting new members who own a period vehicle and/or have a collection of militaria to bring to our events, or those who will help members who have such things to display them. 

We are sorry, but we can no longer accept applications from people who just want to dress up and come along to the events we attend and get in for free, and/or who do not wish to help with displays.  To be in our group, you need to PUT IN MORE EFFORT.

We are particularly interested in new members who have collections to show off at our events, and are only recruiting people who meet the following criteria:-

  • British Army - we will only accept people with vehicles or collections to display, or those who wish to help out with displays or take part in battles;

  • Home Guard, ARP and any of the civil defence forces - only people with vehicles or collections to display;

  • 2nd Panzers - this team will accept new members with collections and a willingness to work as a team;

  • RAF personnel - this team will accept new members with collections and/or suitable RAF related vehicles (or aircraft!), and display helpers;

  • Luftwaffe pilots and groundcrew - prefers people with collections only but will also consider new members who have kit only to wear;

  • German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe ground troops - will accept new members with vehicles, collections, or those who will take part in battles, or who have uniform/kit and will help to man the displays;

  • American (101st Airborne) - will accept new members with vehicles or collections and who wish to take part in battles, as well as people who will help out with existing displays;

  • 53rd FS Operations (American pilots) - will accept new members with collections or to help out with their display;

  • Royal Navy - open only to new members with collections to display;

  • Russian - only open to new members with collections to display or helpers;

  • Kriegsmarine - only open to new members with collections to display;

  • French Resistance and French civilians - only open to new members with collections to display;

  • Womens Land Army - open to new members with collections to display, but will accept a limited number of display helpers.

  • British Civilians - will accept new members with vehicles or collections to display.  No further display helpers or promenaders are being accepted unless they are partners/children of new display owners.

Since the wearing of SS uniforms often causes offence to members of the public, none of our group are interested in having SS re-enactors within our organisation.  Neither do we welcome anyone who holds extreme political views. 

Believe it or not, re-enactment groups even receive enquiries from very silly people who say they just want to come along to get involved in a battle and to "have a good fight with someone - for real".  If this is you, you need professional help which we aren't qualified to give.  Re-enactors don't actually "fight" anyone.  Those who take part in battles pretend to "shoot" at each other.  But the majority of our members are not even into battling.  They're far too friendly to each other for that.



Our group is very flexible over attendance.  Although our events diary is very full with at least one event almost every week between April and October, it is up to you to decide how many or how few events you wish to come to with us.

There are, however, a few exceptions.  There are some events which pay us a fee to attend.  The event which pays the largest amount we usually use to offset the cost of our insurance (see below) and keep our membership fees lower than many other groups.  For other events which pay, we divide the money between those of our members attending the event as part payment towards their petrol costs for making the effort to come.  We think this is the fairest way.  Members are free to either keep the money or donate it to their favourite charities.

Therefore, all we ask is that for events which are paying us, our members make every effort to attend these.  This is usually no more than 4 or 5 events per year. 

Members are free to choose how many of the other events they wish to come to. Your choice may depend on how far you wish to travel, how much money you have left to spend in that month, etc.  All we ask is that - as soon as possible - you tell us which events in the year you wish to attend.  Many event organisers want to know how many of our members will be attending MANY MONTHS IN ADVANCE.  It is impractical for you to decide just 2 weeks before an event that you wish to attend unless you are prepared to pay to get in as a member of the public.  For this reason, all members must be able to plan which events they wish to attend at a very early stage in the year (usually January) ....which is not always easy for those working on flexible shift working patterns.



If you have never belonged to a re-enactment group before and would like to give it - and us - a try, there are two ways to get to know us and enquire about joining our group.

Email us: send an email to stating what it is that you would like to do in our group.  Depending on your stated preference, your email will be forwarded to one of the relevant sub-section organisers who will subsequently contact you. Alternatively, you can contact the sub-section organisers directly - they are listed on the last page of the New Members Handbook shown at the top right of this page.

Come and see us at an event: Alternatively, we suggest you come along to an event (as a member of the public) to see us BEFORE you join or pay membership.  You will need to meet one of our members, get to talk to them; you can ask them questions about the group and they will ask about you and what you want to do in the group.  Tell them what you collect and can bring to events to show to the public as part of a display.  Give them your contact details and we will contact you. 



We recruit new members between January and the end of May.  If you are interested in joining us in 2018, and meet the membership criteria outlined above, please send us an email to to register your interest. We will need to speak to you, and will only issue a membership form for you to fill in if we think you you will get along with us and us with you.  When we send you the membership form, you will need to return it with your membership fee to us.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to decline membership to anyone who does not meet our criteria.



Your membership fee goes towards paying for the group's public liability insurance, and part payment towards our costs of contacting people to sort out which events we are all going to.

Nearly all event organisers request that re-enactment groups and ALL their members attending their event MUST have public liability insurance.  This covers each of our members incase they cause any injury to any member of the public, or any damage to any member of the public's property.  Obvious when you take part in a battle, but even if you don't, you need to be covered if someone trips over your tent guy rope, or even walks into your (even inadvertently) poorly parked caravan.  Our members' names need to be on the insurance, or else event organisers can refuse them entry whether they battle or not.

Therefore, if you object to paying our membership fee because YOU think you don't need to be covered by OUR insurance policy, then please don't bother trying to join our group and cause an argument about it (some silly, argumentative people have done so in the past!).  We politely suggest you look elsewhere.

Public liability insurance does not cover YOU, as a re-enactor, if you get injured at an event or your property damaged, lost or stolen whilst with us.  For that, we recommend you take out your own personal insurance.

We are aware that some people have tried to join us purely to take advantage of our public liability insurance whilst going to other events we do not attend.  Our insurance will only cover you IF you notify us beforehand of your intention to attend other events, and you must tell us which events these are.



We are aware that some individuals only "join" a group such as our's (but never intend to come to any events with us) in order to be able to purchase weapons from dealers who insist that purchasors can show they belong to a re-enactment group.  This practice is not acceptable to us and we will expel any person from the group who we suspect is guilty of this, without returning their membership fee. 

We will also notify the police of anyone guilty of this because individuals who do so are obtaining weapons having obtained membership under false pretences.

In order to ensure your dedication to the group, we will now - no longer - provide references for anyone wanting to purchase weapons from dealers until you have attended a minimum of two events after having paid your membership fee.