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Some of our members at Embsay Station in September 2017


An example of the kind of static displays which our members bring to events


We interact with other similar re-enactment groups.  This is Mark as the captured Luftwaffe pilot with a member of the Victorian Westerners Group at Churnet Valley Railway


Re-enactment is a very social hobby.  We get to meet lots of people who come to see our displays.


We often team up with another group, Iconic WW2 Aircraft who own full scale replicas of a Spitfire and Me109 for an outstanding, award-winning display.


We also have members who own classic cars and other vehicles, who bring them to interact with our displays.


We like going to steam railways, museums and other places holding 1940s wartime themed shows to put on living history displays which enhance the visitor experience of the events which we go to.  Re-enactment means taking a pride in your collection of clothing and uniforms, meeting people, sharing knowledge - but most of all - it is about having fun.

Other re-enactment groups get involved in battles at some events. Through our connections with others, we occasionally take part in some too. However, our club is mainly for those who like a more sedate time at events.

If you have an interest in history - in particular the wartime years - why not come along to some of the events we are attending to see us and our collections? 

We are particularly interested in new members interested in helping out with our existing displays, or those who have collections to show off to the public.  This allows us to get into most venues for free.  Due to changes in the policy of event organisers - in that they now limit the number of free passes they will give to re-enactment groups - we can no longer accept people into our group who only wish to join us to be able to walk around without participating in any static display. You must be prepared to either collect and display your own militaria/period collection, or help our existing members with their own displays or other duties such as covering displaying members for lunch, shopping or toilet breaks, crowd control as and when asked to do so.

Whether you are interested in re-enacting as a hobby, or you have seen us at events and want to know more about us and our collections, please browse through our site.

We like to dress up in period 1940s clothing.  This can be military or civilian.  Most of the events we attend prefer British or Allied personnel; some events will allow Germans.  At most events, we walk around amongst the public - interacting with them: telling them about what we are wearing, what we are carrying, and the type of life lived by the kind of person we choose to portray.  At most events we put up a static display or diorama, with a variety of equipment and sometimes weapons for people to look at.  We don't expect all our members to have and bring a collection to display at events; the least we ask is that members offer to help look after the displays of others.

Like other re-enactment groups, we get invited to various 1940 themed events around the country at weekends.  These can be at steam railways, museums or other places where the organisers want to add some history and fun to their event.  We go to about 15 to 20 events each year - this can sometimes be as many as 2 or 3 per month - but members can choose to attend as many or as few as they like. Our members choose how many events they wish to attend throughout the year - some come to most events, whilst others choose as little as 2 per year.

What we are NOT is fancy-dressers.  We make every effort to ensure that our clothing and equipment is as authentic-looking as possible.  So you won't find us at an event in a period-looking suit wearing post 1950s period clip on braces, grubby modern trainers on our feet, digital watches on our wrists or with cut-down cornflakes packets masquerading as gasmask boxes!

Also, some of our members dress in WWII German military uniforms - with the exception of SS which we know can be upsetting for some people.  Our members are non-political and do not share the views of the Nazi regime....we are merely historical re-enactors/collectors portraying an example of our history. Our portrayals of German military personnel are conducted following consultation with veterans from this country who have given us their support for showing BOTH sides of the conflict.

We spend whole weekends at events, usually arriving on Fridays evenings.  We take part in shows and exhibitions during the day, and in the evening we relax, sing, occasionally dance and have a good old chin-wag.  We sleep either in our period tents, modern tents, caravans - or the less brave book themselves into local bed and breakfasts or hotels.

We are like an extended family.  What you will find in our group, as well as the world of re-enactment, are many people with the same interest as yourself - history......showing it, learning from it.....but above all, having fun whilst doing it.