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We are one of the sub-groups of Northern Forties.  Our members represent one of the many Luftwaffe Field Divisions that were formed after October 1942.

We are mostly based in the north of England, and attend events in the north and west of the UK.

Our aim is to portray the uniforms and equipment of a Feld Division at public events. We are, essentially, a roving "museum" of German militaria and welcome new members with suitable uniforms and equipment/vehicles to add to our living history display.  We often meet up with other WWII re-enactment groups at events, and at some of these we take part in battle re-enactments.

As with the other German units within Northern Forties, our group is non-political and does not share the views of the Nazi regime....we are merely historical re-enactors/collectors portraying an example of our history. Our portrayals of German military personnel are conducted following consultation with veterans from this country who have given us their support for showing BOTH sides of the conflict.

If you are interested in joining us (especially if you have equipment and/or vehicles to display), you can send an email to fettler49@hotmail.com